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By | March 16, 2019

E-Pragati Portal 2019 Andhra Pradesh ప్రగతి పోర్టల్ ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్

Government of Andhra Pradesh has launched a new project which is E-Pragati Portal 2019. This portal helps you in finding all the government services on a single platform. All the citizens of our state can easily complete their needs within few minutes here in this portal. Our honorable CM Chandra Babu has clearly stated that, there will be a transparency in the government rule. With the help of this web portal, they are providing all the department services. Altogether there are In this e-Pragati My AP portal, there are 33 departments, 315 agencies, 745 services are involved. Also you can apply for different documents, licenses and permissions. Even Transportation, Panchayat Raj services are available here in this E-Pragati Portal 2019.

E-Pragati MY AP Portal Services

To design this web portal, however it took 2 years. He also stated that, the government will be completing the digitization of land records within next two or three months. Referring to the E-Pragati Portal 2019 he said a revolving fund of Rs.175 crore has been sanctioned and also the payments will be made in real time. AP IT advisor J Satyanarayana said that e-Pragati is aimed to bring the transformation in the public sector. In fact, this has been designed for three main reasons. Out of which, one is to avoid piece-meal approach of IT development, to prevent duplicate development and streamline data exchange between government departments.

E-Pragati Andhra Pradesh Official website

Andhra Pradesh Government has implemented E-Pragati My AP Portal. Officially this APP has launched on 19th July 2019. The main aim behind the implementation of this portal is to provide best services in a less span of time. The main benefit of this E-Pragati is to get services of different departments at one place. Through this app one can get 180 services of 33 departments like revenue, transport and other. To make this E-Pragati My AP Portal active the officials of IT Department has worked nearly 2 years. One can easily come to know the services offered by the Andhra Pradesh government in this APP.

E-Pragati APP One government and One APP

The main theme of this E-Pragati APP is “One government and One APP”. In these days everything has got digitalized. The information related to government services of different departments has made available in one app by Andhra Pradesh Government i.e., E-Pragati My AP Portal. Read the complete information available in this page to know complete information regarding the services offered by E-Pragati. Hope you all will use these services in the coming days.