Regional Maths Olympiad 2018 AP Telangana Registration

By | December 9, 2017

Regional Maths Olympiad Registration AP has been opened. Interested students can participate in maths Olympiad 2018 and ap Telangana rmo 2018. rmo previous year papers are here for you.

Regional Maths Olympiad 2018 AP Telangana

Maths olympiad is a competition held in mathematics for the students who are interested in mathematics. The main objective of this competition is to test problem solving skills in students. This competition is only for those who are at class VIII to class XII. Not only in the field of mathematics but also in fields like physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and junior science. This competition will be held state wise. So this is named as regional maths Olympiad. All the details like regional maths olympiad registration ap, regional maths Olympiad questions, Andhra Pradesh Maths Olympiad 2018, and RMO previous year papers are given below in detail for you.

Like every year this year also they are going to conduct this regional maths olympiad 2018 AP Telangana. This year also they are conducting this maths Olympiad 2018. Registrations will close on November 2018. Regional maths olympiad 2018 AP Telangana selects number of students who perform well in the test and they award certificates to them. Regional maths olympiad registration Andhra Pradesh are opened now and candidates can contact regional officers and apply for this AP Telangana RMO 2018. Those students who perform well in the regional maths olympiad are then selected to the national test and those limited students who do well in national test are then selected to international maths Olympiad i.e. RMO 2018. The stages of selection including RMO 2018 Registration are given below in detail.

How to Participation in International Mathematical Olympiad?

Stage I: Regional maths olympiad 2018 ap Telangana is usually held in the first Sunday of December every year. A regional coordinator will look after all the proceedings and ensure at least one centre in each district. Andhra Pradesh maths olympiad 2018 is a 3 hour written exam with 6 to 7 problems. Those who perform well n this section are qualified to other stage of exam.

Stage II: Indian National Mathematical Olympiad is held for those students who qualified in rmo exam. This exam was held on first Sunday of February at various centres in different regions. This is also a written test with 4 hour duration and top 30-35 performs will receive certification of merit.

Stage III:  International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp is for the students who qualified in stage II of selections and it is a one month training camp which will be in the month of may-June every year.

Stage IV: International maths olympiad imo 2018 is the last stage and different students from the entire world will compete here. India sends a team with leader and deputy leader and these are selected by NBHM. This exam was held in the month of July every year. This exam consists of two written tests with four and half hours duration.

Andhra Pradesh Maths Olympiad 2018

India has been participating in this event from 1989. Those students who receive gold, silver and bronze will receive Rs.5000/-, Rs. 4000/- and Rs.3000/- cash prize. NBHM will finance this event until the end. Candidates have to contact their regional coordinators well in advance for registration into this regional maths olympiad 2018 ap Telangana.

RMO 2018 syllabus

Number systems, arithmetic of integers, geometry, quadratic equations and expressions, trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry, systems of linear equations, permutations and combinations, factorisation of polynomials, inequalities, elementary combinatorics, probability theory, number theory, infinite series, complex numbers and elementary graph theory.

There will be no questions from calculus and statistics.

Difficulty level will be increasing from stage I to stage IV

AP Telangana RMO 2018 Books

Mathematics Olympiad Primer, by V.Krishnamurthy, C.R.Pranesachar, K.N. Ranganathan and B.J. Venkatachala (Interline Publishing Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore).

Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics, by V.Krishnamurthy, C.R.Pranesachar, K.N.Ranganathan and B.J.Venkatachala (New Age International Publishers, New Delhi – 1996)

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