Telangana School Academic Calendar 2020 Programmers Activities FA SA Exam Schedule Holidays List

By | April 8, 2020

TS School Academic Calendar 2020  స్కూల్ అకడెమిక్ క్యాలెండర్

Students of this academic year can check this page in order to know about TS School Academic Calendar 2020. Here, we provide you all the list of examination dates, festival holidays, academic syllabus etc. In fact, this DSE Telangana School Academic Calendar helps you a lot in knowing the details of exam in advance. Depending on this SCERT Telangana School Exam Schedule, the teachers will be able to complete their academic syllabus in time. Besides this, students will be looking eagerly for the details of TS School Festival Holidays. In the end, we listed out all the holidays in a clear tabular form. Below, the details of activities in TS Schools are given in detail.

Schedule of activities in TS Schools: 2020-20

Schools reopen after summer vacation 01.06.2020
The last day of the working of Academic Year 2020-2012.04.2020
Summer vacation 13.04.2020 to 31.05.2020.

Telangana Schools FA SA Examination Schedule

In every academic year, Formative and Summative Assessment examinations are quite common. Students who are willing to stand in the first place, can check the date of examinations from here. With the help of this Telangana Schools FA SA Examination Schedule, they can plan their syllabus preparation accordingly. For detailed info, see below.

TS Examination schedule 2020-20

Type of AssessmentSchedule
Formative Assessment – FA 1By 31.07.2020
Formative Assessment – FA 2By 30.09.2020
Summative Assessment – SA 101.10.2020 to 08.10.2020
Formative Assessment – FA 3By 30.11.2020
Formative Assessment – FA 4By 31.01.2020 for SSC and 28.02.2020 for classes I to IX.
Summative Assessment – SA 2 –

I to IX classes

02.04.2020 to 09.04.2020
Pre-final for Class – XBefore 28.02.2020
SSC Board ExaminationsMarch 2020.

Short-Term Holidays in Telangana Schools

Dusshera Holidays09.10.2020 to 23.10.2020 – 15 days
Christmas Holidays for Missionary Schools24.12.2020 to 28.12.2020 – 5 days
Sankranthi Holidays other than Missionary Schools12.01.2020 to 16.01.2020 – 5 days

Details of School Level Games

Actually, the national games starts from October 2020. All games at state level have to be finished before 1st October 2020, so as to send the selected State Teams to the National games. The below table is the schedule for games and sports competitions at various levels.

Event / Levels of gamesComplete all events on or before the tentative dates given below
School LevelJune 3rd week 2020 to July 1st week 2020
Mandal Level Tournaments (with in mandal)July 2nd week 2020 to Aug’ 1st week 2020
Inter mandal tournament cum district team selectionsAugust 2nd week 2020 to Aug’ 4th week 2020
District sports zone tournament cum selections (newly formed district represents previous district sports zone)September 1st week 2020 to September 2nd week 2020
State level inter district sports zones tournaments cum selections. (ten district sports zones will participate for Telangana state team selections)September 2nd week 2020 to September 4th week 2020.

Here are the details given below in which the number of working days for each month is seen in this tabular form. In prior check this DSE Telangana School Academic Calendar at official website.

TS Schools Academic year 2020-20 – Check number of working days and month-wise activities

MonthFromToNo. of working daysActivities schedule
June 202001.06.202030.06.202024Schools reopen on 01.06.2020 after summer vacation, Badibata  Programme after School reopening i.e., 04.06.2020 to 11.06.2020.
July 202001.07.202031.07.202025·      FA1: 01.06.2020 to 31.07.2020

(49 working days)

·      Students performance shall be recorded in the registers and Cumulative Records by 31.07.2020.

August 202001.08.202031.08.202023
September 202001.09.202030.09.202021·      FA2: 01.08.2020 to 30.09.2020

(44 working days)

·      Students performance shall be recorded in the registers and Cumulative Records by 19.09.2020.

October 202001.10.202031.10.202013·      SA1 : 01.10.2020 to 08.10.2020

(93 working days)

·      Dassera Vacation (15 days) – First Term holidays 09.10.2020 to 23.10.2020.

·      Answer scripts to children, parents and declaring results by 25.10.2020

·      Recording results by 26.10.2020

·      Parents meeting on 27.10.2020

·      Cumulative records to children by 27.10.2020.

November 202001.11.202030.11.202022·      FA3: 24.10.2020 to 30.11.2020

(35 working days including SA exams)

·      Students performance shall be recorded in the registers and Cumulative Records by 30.11.2020.

December 202001.12.202031.12.202023·      Christmas holidays: 24.12.2020 to 28.12.2020 (5days) {For  Christian Missionary Schools}
January 202001.01.202031.01.202021·      Sankranthi vacation: 12.01.2020 to 16.01.2020 (5 days) – Other than Christian Missionary Schools – Second Term holidays.

·      FA4: 01.12.2020 to 31.01.2020 for class X (After 44 working days)

·      Students performance shall be recorded in the registers and Cumulative Records by 31.01.2020.

February 202001.02.202028.02.202023·      FA4: 01.12.2020 to 28.02.2020 for class I to IX (After 67 working days)

·      Students performance shall be recorded in the registers and Cumulative Records by 28.02.2020.

·      Pre-final exams for Class X before 28.02.2020 exams during morning session and preparation for the next exam under the supervision of subject teacher during After Noon.

March 202001.03.202031.03.202024·      SSC exams during March 2020.

·      Revision and remedial teaching of classes I to IX and preparation of final exams (SA-2) – 01.03.2020 to 01.04.2020

April 202001.04.202012.04.202010·      SA2  for classes I to IX 02.04.2020 to 09.04.2020 (After 120 working days)

·      Answer scripts to children, parents and declaring results by 10.04.2020

·      Recording results and parents meeting on 11.04.2020.

·      Students re submit the progress report to Schools after parents signature – 12.04.2020.

·      Last working day for the academic year 2020-20 – 12.04.2020.

·      Summer vacation from 13.04.2020 to 31.05.2020.

Time table for Digital Lessons transmission from SOFTNET

Digital Lessons will be transmitted on all working days for Classes VI to X

Click Here: Telangana DSC Notification 2020



ClassTime & Period for Digital Lessons TransmissionStaring Time for digital lesson transmission
1Class – X10.30 am to 11.15 am (2nd period)10.40 am
2Class – IX11.30 am to 12.15 pm (3rd period)11.40 am
3Class – VIII1.45 pm to 2.30 pm (5th period)1.50 pm
4Class – VII2.30 pm to 3.15 pm (6th period)2.40 pm
5Class – VI3.25 pm to 4.05 pm (7th period)3.35 pm

Details of School Complex Meetings

Primary and Upper Primary / High SchoolsNo. of School Complex MeetingsSchedule
Primary School61.July, 2.August, 3.September, 4.November, 5.January, 6.February
Upper Primary/High Schools61.July, 2.August, 3.September, 4.November, 5.January, 6.February

 Other Programmes

School Annual DayDecember / January for High School and January / February for Primary and Upper Primary Schools
Bala Sabha3rd Saturday in the month
Mass Drill / Yoga1st and 3rd Saturdays in the month
Swachh School Program4th Saturday in the month

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